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SSC CGL Custom Officer – Every year, the Staff Selection Commission holds the SSC CGL exam to fill a variety of positions, among them the excise inspector post. These positions fall under Group “B” and, according to custom, are managed by the Central Bureau of Indirect Taxes. Candidates have the option of working in the field for more agile involvement or opting for admirative tasks and regular documentation, depending on their preferences. Check out all details about SSC CGL Custom Officer.

SSC CGL Custom Officer Job Profile:

The three job profiles are all part of the same department and are in charge of collecting taxes, yet they differ greatly in every way from exposure to promotion. Before completing our preferences, compare these posts to have a better sense of the position.

SSC CGL (Preventive Officer):

The position of Inspector (Preventive Officer) at CBIC is regarded as an exciting and broadly categorized position. You are the department’s first point of contact with assesses and clients. As an officer of SSC CGL, you will wear a white uniform (the same color as officers of the Indian Navy), with the Ashoka Stambha embroidered on the chest, and two yellow stripes across the shoulders. You will frequently be required to wear the uniform while on duty. Because you will be placed at many international airports and significant sea ports, social recognition is also extremely high and the position can be regarded as high-profile.

SSC CGL Custom Officer Responsibilities:

  • The department’s most energetic officers are the preventive officers. Your role will alter as a result of your postings to various locations. Typically, you will be assigned to the positions of Customs Officer at airports, Gate Officer at seaports, Investigation Officer in the investigation department, Investigation Officer in the control room at headquarters, and Patrolling Officer assigned to any ship. If there is a need for Examiners at that site for any reason, you might be granted the chance to work as one.
  • You will be required to perform administrative tasks such as creating reports, taking notes, and drafting while working in an office. He might be assigned to the Human Resources Department’s Personnel and Establishment Section to manage issues involving department staff members’ hiring, transferring, and promotions.
  • Your primary responsibility as a customs officer at the airport will be to collect customs duties from international travelers. As a supervising officer, you will be in command of a position where Head Constables and Sub-Inspectors will perform the actual task. Make sure there isn’t any smuggling at the airport.
  • The responsibility of gate officials at sea ports is to verify the validity of any freebies offered to any container by appraisers or other officers. As the commissioners’ protocol officer, you can be given tasks relating to specific protocol on visits from Members, Chairman, and Ministers, among others.
  • You will get the chance to experience the large ships up close as a patrolling officer at sea. This is an extremely engaging game that will make you feel like a real customs official.
  • A control room officer’s job is to respond to information requests from outside parties by phone or other channels.
  • Of the three CBIC Inspectors, a PO must handle the least amount of file work. In a nutshell, Core’s responsibility is to stop airport smuggling and collect taxes.

SSC CGL Custom Officer Working Hours:

regular business hours. Depending on the workload, an extension may be necessary. Because the international airport is open 24 hours a day, you will need to work in shifts. However, you will just need to put in an 8-hour shift, and if you extend that, you will receive well-deserved compensation. Actually, the majority of officers prefer to work a 12-hour shift so they may spend more time at home and minimize inconveniences with transportation.


SSC CGL Custom Officer Work Location:

Only six zones, namely Kolkata, Kochin, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Mumbai, and Goa, are where this position is located. Within the zone, postings follow a rotational schedule, and you will alternate between sensitive and non-sensitive postings. Field posting is another name for sensitive posting. The rotation occurs in some locations after six months and in others after a year.

SSC CGL Custom Officer Promotion:

The first promotion is to the Gazetted Post of Superintendents. It may potentially take longer than that around 8–10 years. Currently, you must have 8 years of service before you are eligible for promotion, however, there is a proposal to change this to 3 years. The project is currently receiving final approval. The overall outlook for promotion was/is bleak, but if a fresh idea is authorized and successfully executed, it will quickly change.

To be confirmed, you must pass the confirmation test within the first two years. It is incredibly simple, and the success rate is almost 100%. Promotion, however, is determined by Zonal Seniority rather than any test.

Promotions in order are:

  1. Superintendents (Group-B Gazetted)
  2. Assistant Commissioner(IRS)
  3. Deputy Commissioner
  4. Joint Commissioner
  5. Addl. Commissioner
  6. Commissioner

SSC CGL Custom Officer Transfer:

After the final selection from SSC, you will be allocated a zone and your posting will be done at various offices/locations within the zone only. You will be transferred to another zone unless you wish to or you are promoted. Even if you wish to get yourself transferred to another zone it is not easy to get inter-zone Transfers and it is up to the authority to transfer.


The authority will consider the availability of vacancies at the zone you applied for and many other factors come to light. However, there is some relaxation when it comes to transferring on spouse grounds and illness. Training of PO is done at the regional training institute of the respective zone you will be selected for. The duration of training is of around 1 month.

We hope in this article we shared most information about SSC CGL Custom Officer. For more information like this visit Oliveboard Website.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the payscale of SSC CGL inspector?

The payscale for SSC CGL inspector is Rs.44900 to 142400.

What is the salary of SSC CGL Custom Officer?

The salary of SSC CGL Custom Officer varies for each post on a range between Rs 33,675 to 63,100.

What is the role of custom officer?

The role and responsibilities of a custom officer is collecting customs duties, preventing and detecting smuggling, preventing counterfeit and piracy of goods and ensuring that the goods imported into the country are as per the rules and regulations.

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