Most Important Mathematics Topics for SSC MTS 2022

Most Important Mathematics Topics: SSC MTS is going to be conducted from 5th July to 22nd July 2022 as per the notification released by SSC. Students are already in the end stages of their preparation and for final revision, they might be curious about the most important topics from each section.

In this blog, we will be discussing the most important topics to prepare and revise for the upcoming SSC MTS 2022 Exam.

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SSC MTS Most Important Mathematics Topics

SSC MTS Paper 1 will be of 100 marks and out of that 25 marks is allotted for Mathematics (Quantitative Aptitude). Scoring more in this section will improve the chances of selection for the next round.

The most important mathematics topics are decided based on the analysis of the previous year’s papers. It will help the aspirants in getting a good idea about the topics that questions are mostly asked.


Questions on simplification are based on the VBODMAS rule where the candidate needs to simplify a complex question. It is expected that around 2-3 questions from simplification can be asked.

Profit and Loss

Questions about profit and loss are popular in the mathematics section of competitive exams. Candidates can expect 2-3 questions on the various topics of profit and loss, discount, successive discount, cost price, selling price and marked price, etc in the paper.

Speed and Distance

Questions on speed and distance is about speed and distance covered by train, car, person etc. It is expected that there will be 2-3 questions on speed and distance in the paper.

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Ratio and Proportion

Questions on ratio and proportion are also popular in SSC exams and candidates can expect questions on ratio and proportion for around 2-3 marks. The questions will be on finding the salary of a group of friends when their savings ratio and expense is given, the ratio between numbers and others.


Questions on average will be based on finding the average of a group of items, age, weight, height etc. Students can expect around 2 -3 questions from this topic in the exam.


Algebra deals with formula-based equations, linear and quadratic equations. It is expected to have around 2-3 questions on algebra in the SSC MTS exam.

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation or DI is an important topic in the RRB NTPC exam and it can be said that there will be around 3-4 questions from DI in the CBT 2 question paper. The expected questions that should be covered by candidates include bar graphs, pie charts etc.

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Pipes and Cistern

The questions will be based on the time taken to fill the tank, leakage in the pipe, the time required if all pipes are open etc. Candidates can expect around 1-2 questions on this topic.


Candidates can expect around 2-3 questions on the topic of Mensuration in the exam. The various topics are finding the area and length of polygons, squares, rectangles, cuboids, cones, spheres etc. It is a quite popular topic and must be practised.

Number System

Questions from the Number system comprise topics such as LCM and HCF of numbers, divisibility, fractions, decimals, integers etc. The candidates can expect around 1-2 questions in the paper.

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Time and Work

It is expected that 1-2 questions on Time and Work will be there in the SSC MTS exam. The questions from this topic are focused on the time taken to do the work, how many people will be required to do the work, efficiency etc.


The questions from trigonometry are related to height and distance, and trigonometric ratios. It is expected to get around 1-2 questions on this topic. Students should memorise the trigonometric ratios and important formulas.

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Question will be based on the properties of triangles, circles and its chords, and general problems related to squares, rectangles etc. Students can expect to get 1-2 questions from geometry easily.


That was all about the most important mathematics topics for SSC MTS 2022. Practising questions from these topics can help a candidate attempt around 20-22 questions out of 25 questions in the SSC MTS 2022 exam. Stay connected with Oliveboard for more updates.


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