NABARD Grade ‘B’ Phase 2: Agriculture Preparation Guide


Dear Aspirants,

NABARD Grade A Course

NABARD is going to conduct the Grade ‘A’ & ‘B’ Main exams on 29th and 30th Aug respectively. You have hardly 10 days left to prepare for the exam. The following blog, will guide you through the preparation tips required to clear the main exam for those applying for the Grade ‘B’ Manager in Agriculture post.


What to study?

The syllabus for Agriculture (indicative, not exhaustive) has been given by NABARD in its Grade ‘B’ notification. We suggest you divide the syllabus into broad topics and list down all the sub-topics under these broad topics before starting your preparation.


For example:


Production, consumption, policies, security, procurement, distribution, grains, expenditure, etc.


Deficiency, malnutrition, approaches, guidelines, etc.


Agro-ecology, effects of environment on agriculture, greenhouse effect, global warming, ecosystem analysis, etc.


Social, agro, natural, forest products, conservation, etc.


Properties, Indian soils, types, nutrients, problems, conservation, fertilizers, erosion, dry land agriculture


Strategy to prepare Agriculture for NABARD Grade ‘B’

Once you have categorized the syllabus into groups, start preparing one category at a time. We suggest you follow a simple strategy:

1. Read up the concept: Read the concept from the preparation material. Highlight, underline or make note of the important concepts.

2. Current affairs: Look up current affairs related to that concept from past 1 year

3. Revise: Revise the notes and the current affairs related to that topic to master it. Then move on to the next concept and repeat.


For example, if you take up irrigation:

1. Learn about the concept of irrigation: Irrigation types (drip & sprinkler), irrigation projects, etc. make notes as you read.

2. Read up current affairs of last one year: Launching of the Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation scheme by Chandrababu Naidu. Write this down in your notes.

3. Revise.


Preparation material

Like always, we suggest keeping preparation material minimum. Following are some preparation material we suggest you follow for your preparation:

1. The Hindu Newspaper


2. Reports

  • Economic Survey
  • Union Budget
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

3. Mock Tests

Mock tests are a must and are the most important preparation resource available.

Why so?

Mock tests help you:

  • Determine the topics that you can expect in the exam
  • Improve your speed and accuracy
  • Familiarize your with the exam pattern and difficulty level
  • Identify your strong and weak areas to fine-tune your preparation


Take latest NABARD Grade ‘B’ Mock Tests for free. Click on the banner:

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Download the above guide as a PDF and use it as a guide to formulate your own preparation strategy for your upcoming NABARD Grade ‘B’ examination.


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