Success Story of Kabyajyoti Biswas, Cleared SSC CGL 2023

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Success Story of Kabyajyoti Biswas

Introduction: Meet Kabyajyoti Biswas, a dynamic individual hailing from Krishnanagar, Nadia, West Bengal, and an Electrical Engineering graduate from NIT Durgapur. Kabyajyoti’s story is a testament to determination, continuous learning, and eventual triumph in the SSC CGL 2023 examination.

Preparation Journey

Kabyajyoti’s journey started after graduation when he joined L&T. While working, he simultaneously undertook the challenge of preparing for competitive exams. Despite narrowly missing out on the SSC CGL 2022 mains, Kabyajyoti persisted, rekindling his preparation to emerge victorious in the SSC CGL 2023.

Subject Wise Preparation

Kabyajyoti’s approach to subject-wise preparation was rooted in consistent practice and sectional mock tests. Recognizing English as a common stumbling block, he recommends a strategic approach. Candidates should focus on frequently repeated topics like direct-indirect, active-passive, and jumbled paragraphs. Kabyajyoti advises against extensive preparation of antonyms and synonyms, emphasizing the cultivation of these skills through a regular reading habit. For passages, he suggests solving as many as possible within the allotted time to enhance reading speed and comprehension skills.

Typing Test

Given his job responsibilities, Kabyajyoti was already adept in typing and computer skills, providing him with an edge in the typing test.

Oliveboard’s Role

Kabyajyoti acknowledges Oliveboard’s crucial role in his success. The platform’s mock tests, proper questions, and insightful analysis were instrumental in honing his skills. The weekly tests provided a valuable tool for understanding his progress, enabling him to fine-tune his preparation based on strengths and weaknesses.

Advice for Aspirants

Drawing from his experience, Kabyajyoti advises candidates to approach English strategically and not get trapped in exhaustive antonyms and synonym preparation. Instead, focus on repeated topics and develop reading habits for comprehensive understanding. He emphasizes the importance of consistent practice and staying dedicated to the journey.


Kabyajyoti Biswas’s success story is an inspiration for those balancing a job with competitive exam preparation. His strategic approach, dedication, and effective use of resources, especially Oliveboard, showcase the importance of continuous learning and adaptability. Aspirants can draw valuable insights from Kabyajyoti’s journey, turning obstacles into stepping stones toward success in their SSC CGL endeavors.


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