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RBI Grade B exam aspirants especially those who are new to this exam, have a lot of queries about the exam. In this blog-post RBI Grade B FAQs, we have tried to cater to most of the queries that keep bothering RBI Grade B aspirants. Read along!


RBI Grade B FAQs  

1. Is RBI Grade B Tough?

Ans: It is common knowledge that the RBI Grade B examination is one of the toughest examinations to crack in India. However, the good news is that is it is not impossible. With the right competitive exam preparation, you can pass this exam successfully despite the immense competition.

The answer to the question: How tough is the RBI Grade B exam, can be thought out from the fact that around 2 Lakh aspirants fill the form every year and more or less 1.5 Lakhs write the Phase-1 Paper.

Out of these 1.5 lakhs aspirants, only around 150 get to become RBI Grade B officers, which is around 0.1 percentage. 

One has to be quite passionate about becoming a Grade B officer in the Reserve Bank of India and prepare with all heart and soul.
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Have  a look at the RBI Grade B Previous Years Cut off Marks Here

RBI Grade B Previous Year Cutoff

2. What is the Salary of a Grade B officer in RBI?

RBI Grade B Salary
RBI Grade B Salary – Basic Pay Rs 35,150/- p.m.
RBI Grade B Salary – Scale Rs. 35150-1750 (9)-50900-EB-1750 (2)-54400-2000 (4)-62400
RBI Grade B Salary – Allowances Given i. Dearness Allowance,
ii. Local allowance,
iii. House Rent Allowance,
iv. Family allowance and
v. Grade Allowance
RBI Grade B Salary – Gross Monthly Emoluments Rs 77,208/- (approx)


RBI Grade B Officer Salary Increments

  • The new pay scale of RBI Grade-B Officers is 35150-1750(9)-50900-EB-1750(2)-54400-2000(4)-62400.
  • This means, your initial basic pay will be Rs.35,150 and you will receive an increment of Rs.1750 for up to 9 years of your service.
  • After the tenure of 9 years is over, your basic pay will rise to Rs.50,900 and you will again receive an increment of Rs.1750 for the next 2 years.
  • Further increment of Rs.2000 for the next 4 years will finally leave you with basic pay of Rs.62,400.

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3. How can I join RBI?

If you happen to fulfill the eligibility criteria, then you can take up the RBI Grade B exam 2020, prepare and go on to becoming RBI Grade B Officer. Refer here for the complete preparation strategy.

4. Can I crack RBI Grade B in 6 months?

Yes, you can. An aspirant who is new to this exam would need at least 6 months to understand the requirements to be able to clear this exam in his/her first attempt. 

It is advisable to simultaneously prepare for the Phase-I and Phase-II exams, instead of waiting for the Phase-I exam to get over and then beginning with Phase-II preparation.

You must be thinking why?

i. Because after the Phase-I Exam gets over and suppose you clear the exam, there won’t be enough time left to prepare well for the Phase-II exam

ii. The selection process is such that the Phase-I exam is an aptitude test that can be prepared for and improved upon in a comparatively shorter duration. The Phase-II exam, on the other hand, comprises of subjects like Economics & Social Issues and Finance & Management. These topics require persistent focus and attention.

In general, while preparing for the exam, you must decide on the following things:-

  • Order of attempting various sections
  • Time to be spent on each section
  • Number of questions to be attempted

Things to be kept in Mind while Preparing

  1. Understand that all the 3 things mentioned above are dynamic and would vary from person to person, or sometimes even paper to paper, based on the difficulty level. Attempting a substantial number of mock tests (both sectional & full-length) would help you decide on the above-mentioned things. 
  2. Do remember, the mock tests mentioned in the study plan will serve their purpose only if you analyze them and devote sufficient time to that analysis, instead of simply taking a mock test.
  3. Understand, that the goal is to clear the individual sectional cutoffs first and then to maximize your overall score. Clearing sectional cutoffs requires a basic level of proficiency in each of the sections whereas, for maximizing the overall score, one can capitalize on their strengths.
  4. Apart from the subject knowledge, your time management skills play an equally important role in the exam. Taking mock tests will also provide you with a situation where you can practice making such important decisions, and thus be better prepared for the actual exam.


5. Which is better SBI PO or RBI Grade B?

6. How can I enter RBI?

You have two options to enter the Reserve Bank of India as an employee.
One as an RBI Grade B Officer
Second as an RBI Assistant
Sometimes vacancies for the post of RBI Grade A officers are also released but it is not regular recruitment. 

7. Is coaching necessary for RBI Grade B?

It would depend upon individual needs whether she/he wants to enrol for online coaching or not. If you thorough with the RBI Grade B Syllabus and feel confident that you can crack the examination without any external aid, then there is no need for any coaching.

On the other hand, if you have a limited amount of time on a daily basis to prepare for the exam, and wish to take the online expert guide, complete study material: Video Lessons, Detailed Notes, Mock Tests, English Descriptive Classes, then you must surely go for it. It would make your preparations convenient. 


8. Which coaching is best for RBI Grade B?

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9. Can I join RBI after my MBA?

Yes, absolutely. After your MBA, you would a thorough knowledge of Finance & Management which itself is a complete paper worth 100 in RBI Grade B Phase-2. It would be a plus point for you. 

10. Do RBI officers go abroad?

Yes, if you wish to study at any university abroad, RBI pays for your education as well as takes care of your salary. 

RBI officers do not get postings outside India. 

However, some officers might get a chance to go to several national and international organizations on deputations. 

11. What happens after one joins as an RBI Grade B Officer?

Ans. As you get the call letter to join the Reserve Bank of India, either you are directly sent for training in the Reserve Bank Staff College, Chennai, or directly given your first posting in some RBI Office across the country. 

The first posting one gets is mostly in Mumbai, but it might vary depending on the requirements and vacancies.

The first department that one is given the charge of is the “Issue & Banking Department” so that one learns basic banking and knows the nitty-gritty of it.

You get to work in different RBI Offices across the country in various departments. The service experience that you get is very enriching.

12. Where do RBI Grade B officers get posted?

Ans. As such posting preferences are not asked while giving the postings before joining RBI. You must be prepared for all India postings and transfers. 

There are four zonal offices of RBI in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai.

RBI has nineteen regional offices at Thiruvananthapuram, Patna, Nagpur, Lucknow, Mumbai, Kochi, Kolkata, Jammu, Kanpur, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Bangalore.

Eleven sub-offices of RBI are at Agartala, Aizawl, Shillong, Dehradun, Gangtok, Imphal, Panaji, Srinagar, Raipur, Shimla, and Ranchi.

Married people should not put any condition before joining. Take the appointment letter, join the duty wherever you are posted, and then apply for transfers.

13. What is the transfer policy for RBI Grade B officers?

Ans. You might be transferred every 3 years. Not a hard and fast rule, your stay at some offices say at the zonal office might be for more than 3 years as well.

14. How is the probation period of RBI grade B officers?

Ans. You are observed for 2 years. The way you behave and the way you work, your training performance, your interpersonal relationships with your colleagues and seniors, etc, everything is noticed and taken into consideration. 

You will be given hands-on training in these two years and at the end of two years, you will be intimated that you have completed your probation period successfully.  FYI nobody gets disqualified.

If someone has some medical issues, then she or he is kept on medical probation. After 6 months she/he will have to meet the bank medical officer for a check-up and then the medical officer issues your clearance letter and then your probation gets over.

15. What are the salary and other perks of an RBI Grade A officer?

Ans. The gross emoluments come around Rs 77,000.

The best thing is that you get RBI quarters which is a great relief in a city like Mumbai.

Sometimes if RBI quarters are not available, you would get leased accommodation.

Anything that you can think of, is paid to you. RBI takes good care of its employees.

16. How is the career progression (promotions) of an RBI Grade B officer?

Ans. If one continues to work in RBI with sincerity & dedication, then an RBI Grade B Officer can reach up to CGM level post. Few Grade B officers have also managed to reach Executive Director (ED) positions and very few up to Deputy Governors (DG).

Deputy Governor

Executive Director

Principal Chief Manager

Chief General Manager

General Manager

Deputy General Manager

Asst. General Manager

Manager (Grade B Officer)

You can reach the level of executive director and if you are lucky enough you can reach the post of the deputy governor as well.

For career progression, you need to continuously keep acquiring additional qualifications relevant to the field and your interpersonal relations with other people will also matter.


There is no written test or so to say for promotions from Grade B to Grade C. Your promotion would depend upon vacancies available and you would be interviewed by senior officials.

But for promotions from Grade C to Grade D, there is a written test & and an interview.

The other interview happens when you are being promoted from the post of GM to CGM. At that time, there is an interview with the Governor & Deputy Governors.

17. What if the newly posted officers are not from Finance or Economics background? Is it difficult for them?

Ans. You are well taken care of. Before posting you are well trained in RBSC Chennai. Even when you are transferred from one department to another, you have your seniors to learn from. Also, there is learning material given to you which gives you knowledge about the job to be done and gradually gain expertise.

Do not worry about anything.
Your learning and training would be taken care of.

18. How is the work-life balance for an RBI Grade B officer?

Ans. Mostly the work is manageable. Absolutely no issues or worries.

For some departments, there might be pressure or stress, but then too it is manageable.
There is at least or we can say no interference from the outside world in your work.

All and all it is manageable and you would enjoy working.

It is a 5-day week job giving Saturdays and Sundays off.

19. What is the one thing that the interviewers look for in a candidate during RBI Grade B Interviews?

Ans. The only thing they look for is whether the person being interviewed is suitable for the job and whether he/she will stick to the job.

The organization puts money on your training after your selection, if you leave after the training period, it does not make sense to them.

Therefore, whether you would stick with the organization would play a crucial role in your selection.

Is there any bias towards people from a certain educational background?

Ans. No. There is no bias as such. They look for people who are employable and amenable, who suits the kind of work RBI does.

20. There are gap years after graduation. Will it affect my selection in RBI?

Ans. No, it would not. If you fit for the role and can convince the interviewers that you are a good fit for the job, nothing would matter then.

So, these are a few frequently asked questions and their answers. We hope that you got all your answers here. 

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