Questions asked in SEBI 2018 Phase 2 Exam – Security Markets Paper

The SEBI 2018 Phase 2 Exam was conducted on 16th December 2018. We are providing with the list of Questions asked in the Security Markets Question paper of SEBI 2018 Phase 2 Exam. These are memory based questions collected from candidates who had appeared for the exam. Here you go -:

SEBI 2018 Phase 2 Exam – Security Markets Questions

Q) Which was the First country to bring in a legislation to ban Insider Trading?

Q) a question on Buyback odd lot

Q) A Question on PID director

Q) A stockbroker has to be registered with ______ to operate in the Market.

Q) Above what percentage of Acquisition is an open offer required?

Q) Chairman of SE/Depository should be ___ and elected from ___ _.

Q) Currency and interest rate derivate related question

Q) Financial Education centres question

Q) For what period is the Rights issue open?

Q) How many months after submission of a Trading Plan can one start Trading?

Q) If a company’s Securities listing is refused by SEBI, It can appeal to?

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Q) In whose custody the funds and securities of Foreign investors are kept?

Q) NSCCL is the Clearing Corporation of

Q) Question on NII Book-building

Q) Question on Stock Broker Deal?

Q) SAST regulation related question?

Q) The Chairman of Stakeholder relationship committee must be a?

Q) The Maximum acquisition per cent from open market under Buyback is?

Q) The NSIM is established by?

Q) The SCORES platform is operated by?

Q) What % of shareholding in an SE should be with the public?

Q) What does EPS stand for?

Q) What is a 3-in-1 account?

Q) What is a Contract Note?

Q) What is the allocation to non-institutional investors in book building method for an IPO?

Q) What is the Category 1 Merchant bank underwriting commitment?

Q) What is the composition of the SAT?

Q) What is the lock-in period for ESPS?

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Q) what is the Maximum Buyback Percentage?

Q) What is the minimum Interest warrant amount which can be paid by Speed Post?

Q) What is the minimum Net Tangible Assets limit for a Research Analyst registered as an individual or partnership?

Q) What is the minimum net worth of 1 RTA?

Q) What is the minimum number of members required to for a Pvt Company?

Q) What is the percentage of shares which an SE/Depository/Insurance company can hold in a Stock Exchange?

Q) What is the safety net arrangement?

Q) What is the time period for an investor to submit an unresolved complaint on SCORES platform?

Q) What is the validity of a Shelf Prospectus?

Q) What is the value of the penalty amount where no other Penalty value has been provided?

Q) What shall be the issue price for a share of face value Rs.10?

Q) What was the name of the Committee on appointed on Insider Trading?

Q) When did LODR come into effect?

Q) When did the SEBI Act come into effect?

Q) Which among the following options is a Depository?

Q) Which chapter of regulations talks about Rights issue in ICDR 2018?

Q) Which of the following is Not true about Fccb – 1) They need not adhere to ECB regulations. 2) They are unsecured.

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Q) Who is the Chairman of SEBI?

Q) Who on behalf of SEBI is authorized to grant registrations to FPIs?

Q) Within how many days after the appointment does the Director and KMP are required to disclose their Shareholding details?

That is all from us in this blog – Questions asked in SEBI 2018 Phase 2 Exam – Security Markets. We hope you liked reading the blog. Let us know in the comments below how was your SEBI 2018 Phase 2 Exam. All the best for your SEBI 2018 Phase 2 Exam results. You can can continue your preparation for various other Bank and Government Exam with Oliveoboard Test Series

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