Descriptive English Practice 02 – Letter-Writing Samples by Oliveboard Users

This is part 2 of the Descriptive English Practice Series started by us for the preparation of SBI PO Mains, and other similar exams like IBPS RRB PO Mains, IBPS PO Mains, etc. In Descriptive English Practice 02 blog, We are going to provide our readers with the letter writing samples for practice. These Letters have been written by Oliveboard users on Oliveboard’s Discuss Forum.

Oliveboard Experts evaluate all the posts submitted by students in the Descriptive Writing section of Oliveboard’s Discuss Form  and based on their evaluation top posts have selected and published below. So let us begin -:

Descriptive English Practice 02 – Sample Letter 1 (10th July 2019)

Username -: rahul1993sanfui

Topic -: You have incurred penalties due to the maintenance of low balance in your bank account and you feel it is unfair. Write a letter to the local branch manager of your bank telling him about the same.

21 A Middle Road,
Jadavpur Main road,
Kolkata – 700075
21st June 2019

Branch Manager,
XYZ bank,
22/3 Salt Lake lane,
Salt Lake Sector 9
Kolkata – 700087

Subject: – Regarding penalties charged due to maintenance of low balance in bank account.

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

With due reverence, I would like to tell you that I am a customer of your bank and I had opened my salary account over here 4 years back. My account number is 8267368919873. Last month when I updated my passbook, I found that Rs.500 has been charged and when I asked the bank officials regarding this, they told me that it has been charged because of low maintenance of bank balance.

I would like to mention that when I opened my salary account, I was told that it is going to be zero balance account. So, I think it is unfair to suddenly impose fine on my account because of low balance without informing me the new terms and conditions of the bank.

Therefore I request your good office to kindly consider the issue and return back the money that has been charged. Also, please do let me know how much balance I need to maintain every month.

Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Sanfui

Descriptive English Practice 02 – Expert’s Evaluation Comments

“Good points and flow! Keep practising. Please stay within the word limit.”

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Descriptive English Practice 02 – Sample Letter 2 (10th July 2019)

Username -: jsamyak678

Topic -: Write a letter to your parents cautioning them about the prevalence of online fraud and the steps they should take to stay protected.

Street 250,

Dear Mom/Dad,

I hope that this letter finds you in best of your health and spirits.I also extend my best wishes for starting a new business which will be going online in a couple of weeks.

I just wanted to inform you about the spike in online fraud activities in recent years.Fraudsters use variety of methods to dupe people .Some of them can be fake e-mail,ambiguous links,posing as a friend on social media sites,etc. These all can be avoided by not clicking on any links which we find ambiguous.We should not provide any private information on social media .We should block the spam mail .if we get message and anyone asks for our account number or pin,we should immediately inform the police officials about it.

The whole world is digitally connected today.So it is very easy for fraudsters to catch a prey.We can ensure our safety by not falling to their traps by following basic rules.


Yours loving son

Descriptive English Practice 02 – Expert’s Evaluation Comments

“Decent content with correct structure and format. Few punctuation errors, which need to be taken care of. Rest is fine; kudos and keep practising!”

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Descriptive English Practice 02 – Sample Letter 3 (10th July 2019)

Username -: vibhuti.191

Topic -: You have incurred penalties due to the maintenance of low balance in your bank account and you feel it is unfair. Write a letter to the local branch manager of your bank telling him about the same.

D-45, XYZ Apartments,
Uttar Pradesh – 201310.
July 20, 2019.

ABC Bank,
Noida Branch,
Uttar Pradesh – 201310.

Subject – Issue regarding penalties incurred.


I have a savings account in your branch for last 5 years and am totally satisfied with services of the same. But recently it came to my observation that Rs. 500 has been deducted from my account twice. First on June 20, 2019 and then on July 10, 2019. After inquiry I was told that I have incurred penalties for maintaining low balance in my account.

This incident, I feel, is unfair in purest form as I have always maintained proper balance (Rs. 5000) in my account at any point of time. I request you to look into the matter and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Account no.- 2013121546.

Your prompt action would be highly appreciated.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,



Descriptive English Practice 02 – Expert’s Evaluation Comments

“Good points and presentation. You may write some random name while closing the letter. Keep practising”

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