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Why is SBI PO Tough

Why is SBI PO Tough?: The State Bank of India (SBI) holds the title of India’s largest public sector bank. For many, landing a job at SBI has long been a cherished aspiration. However, securing a position at SBI isn’t easy. The bank conducts a nationwide online exam to hire suitable candidates for Probationary Officer roles. This exam unfolds in three stages: Preliminary (Stage I), Main (Stage II), and Personal Interview (Stage III). Excelling in all three stages of the SBI PO exam is no small feat.

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Why is SBI PO Tough – 5 Reasons

Why is SBI PO Tough

The State Bank of India is one of the premier banking institutions of the country. It is understood that the level of testing to qualify as a Probationary Officer for the bank is quite a difficult task. With three elimination stages, a large amount of syllabus to cover, few vacancies, and a huge number of applicants, it is quite tough to clear this banking exam. Here’s a look at 5 aspects that make SBI PO a tough exam to crack.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of the SBI PO exam is high. Candidates wanting to clear the exam have to be extremely thorough in their knowledge of each of the sections. Considering the competition, qualifying requires that candidates practice and properly prepare for the difficulty of the exam. The Mains stage of the exam is of increased difficulty compared to the Prelims and includes General Awareness/Knowledge which increases the level of difficulty and the size of syllabus to be covered.

Number of Applicants

The number of applicants for the post of Probationary Officer in SBI outnumbers the vacant seats. This is the case every year. Lakhs of applications are submitted online, but only 2000-3000 SBI PO Vacancies are announced. Naturally, the competition is cutthroat.

Vast Syllabus

SBI PO exam syllabus covers a wide range of topics and sub-topics. No matter which stream you are from, you must have a sound knowledge of recent events occurring across the world. While the Preliminary exam focuses on Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, and Reasoning Ability, the Main exam syllabus covers topics from Current Affairs, General Awareness of the Indian Economy, etc. It also tests your general knowledge and writing skills. With so much to keep in mind, most students lose focus and lag behind when it comes to competitive exam preparation.

The Duration of the Exam

The duration of SBI PO makes it extremely difficult to crack. The allotted time to complete the online examination is very little and that puts added pressure on the candidate. You only get an hour in the Prelims, with sectional time division (20 minutes allotted to each of the three sections). The duration of the Main exam is 3 hours. Again, candidates will need to answer each of the sections in the given time period. 60 minutes allotted for Computer Aptitude and Reasoning; 45 minutes for Data Interpretation and Analysis; 35 minutes for General Awareness, and 40 minutes for the English Language.

Multiple Stages of Qualification

The selection process for SBI PO is quite rigorous and extensive. They have a Prelims online written exam followed by a Mains online written exam which is of increased difficulty. After the written stages, there are the Personal Interview, Group Discussion, and Psychometric Test. These are two to three rounds of personality testing. Candidates have to go through these three stages of testing. It’s only when they clear the GDPI round that candidates qualify for the post of SBI Probationary Officer. Each stage is an elimination stage which means failing to qualify any one stage disqualifies you from the recruitment process.

Tips for cracking the SBI PO Exam 2024

Here are some tips for cracking the SBI PO Exam at the last minute:

  • Know the Syllabus and Pattern: Start by thoroughly understanding the SBI PO syllabus and exam pattern to structure your preparation effectively.
  • Choose the Right Books: Select the best books tailored for SBI PO exam preparation. These resources will be your foundation for studying each subject comprehensively.
  • Practice with Previous Year Papers: Solve SBI PO Previous Year Papers and practice papers to familiarize yourself with the exam format and types of questions.
  • Utilize Mock Tests: Take advantage of free SBI PO mock test series to simulate exam conditions and practice solving papers. Mock tests help identify your weak areas, allowing you to concentrate on improving them before the exam.

SBI PO Books – Essential Study Resources

SBI PO books play a crucial role in helping candidates understand both simple and complex subjects. These study materials are essential tools that ensure candidates have a comprehensive preparation experience.

SubjectRecommended Book
Bank PO English LanguageArihant Experts’ Bank PO English Language
Quantitative AptitudeR. S. Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations
Data InterpretationOliveboard’s Data Interpretation Decoded
Reasoning & Computer AptitudeR. Pillai Arihant’s Reasoning & Computer Aptitude
Computer AwarenessSoumya Ranjan Behera’s Computer Awareness

Why is SBI PO ToughConclusion

Despite the level of difficulty, it is possible to crack SBI PO exams. All you need is determination and dedication. Systematic hard work, with proper planning and practice, will make it Make sure you start preparing for the same in an organized manner and sit for the online SBI PO Mock Tests to monitor your progress from time to time.

Why is SBI PO Tough – FAQs

Q1. How many stages does SBI PO have?

A1. SBI PO has 3 stages – Prelims, Mains, and GDPI with Phsychometric Test.

Q2. Does SBI PO have sectional cut off?

A2. SBI PO does not have sectional cut off. There is an overall cut off.

Q3. Why is cracking the SBI PO exam considered difficult?

A3. The SBI PO exam challenges candidates due to its multi-stage selection process, including Preliminary, Main, and Interview rounds. Moreover, the high competition from many applicants makes it tough.

Q4. What makes mastering the SBI PO syllabus hard?

Ans. The SBI PO syllabus covers various subjects like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, English Language, and General Awareness, requiring deep understanding and practice.


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