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Important Data Sufficiency Questions : Data Sufficiency is one of the important topics that demand practice. In data sufficiency, usually, a question is followed by two or three statements. You need to determine whether any of the statements individually or together are required to find the answer. In this blog, we have brought you a free e-book on 50 Important Data Sufficiency Questions.

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50 Data Sufficiency Questions | Download Free PDF Here

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Data sufficiency questions

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Directions for questions: In the following questions each question is followed by three statements I, II, and III. Read the question and the statements carefully and choose your answer according to which set of the statement(s) is/are sufficient to answer the question.

Q1) What is the distance between city P and city Q?

I. Two persons A and B started simultaneously from P to Q, with their speeds in the
ratio 4 : 5.
II. B reached P one hour earlier than A to Q.
III. The difference between speeds of A and B is 20 kmph

1: I and III only
2: II and III only
3: I and II only
4: All I, II and III together

Correct Answer: “4”

Q2) What is the rate of interest on a certain sum?

I. The interest earned on the sum at the same rate of simple interest after 3 years is Rs.4500.
II. If the rate of interest is 2.5% more, the simple interest earned will be Rs.900 more.
III. The amount received on the sum at the end of the 2 years at simple interest is Rs.15,000.

1: I and II only
2: II and III only
3: I and III only
4: Any two statements together

Correct Answer: “4”

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Q3) What is the area of the rectangle?

I. The ratio of length to breadth of the rectangle is 35 : 12.
II. The perimeter of the rectangle is 188 cm.
III. The length of diagonal of the rectangle is 74 cm

1: I and II only
2: I and III only
3: (I and II) or (II and III)
4: Any two of the three

Correct Answer: “4”

Q4) What is the present age of Rakesh?

I. The ratio of the ages of Ramesh and Rakesh, three years ago, was 4 : 5.
II. The ratio of the ages of Rajesh and Rakesh, after two years, will be 4 : 5.
III. Two years ago the ratio of the ages of Rajesh and Ramesh was 12 : 13.

1: I and II only
2: II and III only
3: I and III only
4: All I, II and III

Correct Answer: “4”

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data sufficiency

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