Puzzle Mania – Reasoning Puzzles Book by Oliveboard

Many of the Banking, Insurance and other Government Exam aspirants still find it a bit difficult to get accustomed to Online Learning Platforms and beginners especially prefer a hard copy of books to start their preparations for any competitive exam. Since years we are accustomed to books and find it very comforting to learn from them. We at Oliveboard have always kept the interests of our users our top priority and with so much of requests pouring in from our users to bring forth books for Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability, we have finally come up with the Reasoning Puzzle Book – Best Book for Reasoning Practice for users who have shown their immense trust in Oliveboard’s content.

Best Book for Data Interpretation – DI & DS Decoded

Puzzle Mania – Reasoning Puzzle Book by Oliveboard

  • With immense fervour, we present this all-inclusive and thoroughly updated book on Reasoning Puzzles for complete preparation for all Banking, Insurance and Other Government Examinations.
  • The book is a brainchild of Oliveboard’s expert content creators and an initiative in providing a comprehensive book on puzzles to help all Exam Aspirants reach their goals.
  • Earnest efforts have been made to keep the contents of the book as relevant as possible.
  • The subject-matter of the book has been drafted keeping in mind the needs of a beginner, giving complete clarity on the concepts of varied types of Puzzles and a vast array of practice questions ranging from the simplest of the questions to the most advanced level reasoning puzzles.
  • The solutions part of the puzzles has been explained with well-illustrated diagrams and clear images which will make your learning experience even more wholesome.

The book has been divided into two broad sections:

  1. Section I – The section contains all the basic seating arrangement and puzzle concepts such as Linear, Circular, Comparison type, Linear two rows, Dates, etc. with a sufficient number of solved examples.
  2. Section II – This section comprises all the advanced level practise problems with detailed solutions and new types of puzzles that are being asked across the banking and government examinations.

The book has been designed keeping in view the needs of an aspirant for the Reasoning section of an exam. The most important aspect while solving a reasoning puzzle is the approach to solve the question. The same has been taken care of with a huge number of questions of varying difficulty levels.

The salient features of the book are as follows:

  1. It covers all different types of Puzzles.
  2. Will be a one-stop solution for preparation of any kind of seating arrangement/puzzles type question.
  3. Will be a complete guide for the preparation of Puzzle type questions for IBPS, SBI, RBI, and other Government Examinations.
  4. The practice questions covered are across the levels i.e. Easy, Moderate, Difficult.
  5. Will be beneficial for reasoning preparation of prelims level as well as the mains level of the Examination.
  6. The concepts are clarified using solved examples.
  7. Provides a detailed approach to the solution of each question.
  8. Provides detailed solutions to varied types of questions.
  9. Focusses on advanced level puzzles and all the new pattern type questions.
  10. Gives an array of a vast variety of practice questions with solutions.

How to Grab Your Copy of Puzzle Mania?

Get your copy of the Oliveboard’s Puzzle Mania.

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Reasoning Puzzle Book – Puzzle Mania – FAQs

You can clear your doubts and get answers to all your queries regarding the Oliveboard’s Puzzle Mania book.

1. Does the Book include Mains questions as well?

Yes. The Book has been designed for both Prelims & Mains with practice questions covering all the Prelims pattern questions while also introducing students to the variety of Mains questions including the most advanced level reasoning puzzles.

2. Why is the Book not available for purchase now?

Yes, it is available for purchase now.

3. What is the standard delivery time?

Standard delivery takes between 5-7 working days after you have made the purchase.

4. Can I download the book online?

Currently, Puzzle Mania is available only in printed form and cannot be downloaded online.

5. Is this book only for Bank Exams?

Puzzle Mania is specifically designed keeping in mind Banking and Insurance Exam Patterns. However, this book will be helpful for other exam aspirants as well.

This was all from us in this blog of Reasoning Puzzle Book. You can order your copy now as it is a special edition and you will be getting the book now for a special discounted price of 445 only instead of 595. 


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