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The SSC CGL Tier-1 2019-20 is going to be conducted from 2 March 2020 to 11 March 2020. With just about 5 days to go for the examination, here we bring to you some important SSC CGL Last Minute Tips for revision and free resources to help you ace the SSC CGL Tier-I exam.

Exam toppers, be it any exam, have always emphasized the importance of revision as it helps recollect all the important concepts, formulae, tricks, facts and data that one covers during the preparation phase.

Let us also follow the toppers strategy and revise all the important topics for the exam so that we could recall what we studied. We will very quickly cover the SSC CGL Last Minute Tips for Revision in this article.

What all to be covered in this Article?

  1. Top 6 SSC CGL Last Minute Tips.
  2. SSC CGL Section-wise Last Minute Tips.
  3. SSC CGL Time Allocation For Each Section
  4. SSC CGL Tier 1 Order of Attempt

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Top 6 SSC CGL Last Minute Tips

1. Go Through Last Years’ SSC CGL Papers

Going through last years’ solved papers would be helpful for the SSC CGL Tier-I exam as this will familiarize you with the general difficulty level of the paper and hence establish a comfort level. It will also help in reducing your anxiety level as the exam day approaches. Solve SSC CGL Previous Year Solved Paper (2015-2018) 

2. Take Mocks

Give some mocks and sectional tests but spend more time analyzing your performance in them. This will help you fine-tune your strategy and perform better in the exam.

Instead of trying to learn new things at this point, it is advisable that you focus on revising the topics/questions which you got wrong/left in-attempted during all the mock tests you practiced. To take mock tests and figure out your weak areas, click here

Attempt SSC CGL Tier-I: Free* Quant Test

Attempt SSC CGL Tier-I: Free* English Test

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3. Brush Up High-Frequency Topics

Use these last few days to brush up some high frequency and often repeated topics such as idioms, phrases, etc. This will help you save precious seconds in the exam.

Solve SSC CGL High-Frequency Topics Questions Here

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4. Practice During Exam Time Slot

Each one’s mind is active at different times during the day. To ensure that your mind is active during exam time, take mock tests during your exam slot so that your mind is trained to be alert during your exam.

5. Read the Complete Question

Avoid reading the incomplete questions and arriving at incorrect answers. Read the question carefully and solve it accordingly.

6. Be Well Rested

An active & fresh mind will ensure you are in the best frame of mind to solve quicker & better. To achieve this, do not study too much on days leading up to your exam. Get at least 8 hours of sleep before the exam day. People tend to under-estimate the advantage that a fresh mind can provide.

SSC CGL Section-wise Last Minute Tips

1. Quantitative Aptitude

(i) Revise the basic formulae, short tricks, quicker quants techniques and try and apply them while taking up mock tests.

(ii) Based on the past few years’ papers (last 3 years at least), it would be safe to say that the following topics cover almost 50% of this section:

  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration

These topics fall under the advanced math category and require conceptual clarity and regular practice. Hence, make sure you thoroughly clear the basics of these topics.

(iii) After every mock test check the analysis part and understand which topics need your attention and work on them.

Practice Important Quant Questions Here

2. English Comprehension

(i) Oliveboard mock tests would be enough for the revision of this section. Revise the questions and solutions of all mock tests taken by you and try to analyze your mistakes and understand the approach to answer the questions correctly.

(ii) While solving RC strictly stick to what is given in the passage and assume NOTHING else; even if it is true in day to day situations. Do NOT make any assumptions whatsoever.

Practice Probable English Questions Here

3. General Intelligence & Reasoning section

(i) This section is more of a tricky and often time-consuming so practice all those topics which are time-consuming which the sorted approach in the way.

(ii) Also, revise the basics of various types of questions.

(iii) There are plenty of tricks for Reasoning and try to apply them while taking mock tests.

Attempt a free mock test here

4. General Awareness

(i) Revise the important current affairs for the last 4-5 months and you would be ready to face this section.

(ii) Go through the last 3 years SSC CGL questions paper and solve all the static GK questions asked. 

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SSC CGL Time Allocation For Each Section

How much time should I spend on each section?
Which section should I be attempting first?

These are the common questions in the mind of every aspirant as there isn’t any sectional timing alotted in the examination. This article will help you decide how and what to attempt first. Here’s the sectional time allocation strategy that you can follow to maximize your attempts in each section to clear the overall cutoff.

Quantitative Aptitude 28 minutes
General Intelligence & Reasoning 16 minutes
English Language 12 minutes
General Awareness 4 minutes

SSC CGL 2019-20 Tier 1 Exam Order of Attempt

Order of attempt plays a very important role in time management during the examination. Here we have shared with you the order of attempt that you can follow on the D-day.

It is based on the level of difficulty, the weightage it carries as well as alternating it with easy and difficult sections so that candidates do not face any pressure on solving difficult sections one after the other.

Note: We recommend using the above section-wise time allocation & order of attempt for SSC CGL 2019-20 as a guideline and not a target.

SSC CGL 2019-20 Admit Card

Download the SSC CGL 2019-20 Admit card for tier 1 by clicking on the link given below:


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