SSC JE or RRB JE | A Brief Comaprison – Which one is better?

SSC JE vs RRB JE, both are tough competitive exams in India. However, if you put the difficulties aside, you might know that getting through these exams will grant you the position of Junior Engineer, which has a lot of prestige and respect attached to it.

Naturally, these jobs are two of the most popular government jobs for engineers. Sometimes, you might feel confused regarding which exam you should focus more on- SSC JE or RRB JE. To help you understand the difference between the two, here we have put a detailed comparison of the two. Read on to know more about these exams.

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1. Who is a Junior Engineer?

Junior Engineer is the very first position when it comes to the profession of Engineering. A junior engineer works under the supervision of an Engineer. They are mostly made to work in fields like electronics, architecture, infrastructure, maritime, construction, technology firms, industrial plants etc. The main governmental departments, which recruit junior engineers, are the following-

  • Department of Posts
  • Military Engineering Services
  • Central Public Works Department
  • Central Water Commission

1.1 What is the job profile of an SSC Junior Engineer?

The job profile of an SSC Junior Engineer is quite vast.

  • Providing assistance to superiors– The most important responsibility of a Junior Engineer is to help and assist their superiors, as and when needed.
  • Accounting– Another vital responsibility of a Junior Engineer is to maintain the accounts of his department. Additionally, he will also have to pass bills due to any expenditure done by the department and to pay contractors for the work they did.
  • Planning– Initially, a Junior Engineer will have to make estimates and plans for his department’s renovation and repair work. Gradually, his responsibilities will grow and he will have to plan for his department’s flagship activities.

1.2 What is the job profile of RRB Junior Engineer?

The RRB Junior Engineer can be classified into two departments and they are-

1.2.1 RRB Junior Engineer (Civil)

  • Has to take responsibilities like the creation of assets, such as platform extension work, repairs, and maintenance, platform-shed construction
  • Jurisdiction of railway tracks
  • In charge of maintenance and construction departments in the Railways (encroachment of railway land, water supply, staff quarters)

1.2.2 RRB Junior Engineer (Information Technology)

  • Procurement of office equipment/ hardware/ software
  • Responsible for creating security policies, implementation of policies and taking care of policy issues.

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1.2.3 RRB Junior Engineer (Electrical)

  • Responsible for the maintenance of electric locomotive, equipment overhead, and traction, power supply, safety system, etc.
  • Maintaining and Monitoring valuable equipment substation, Overhead Transmission lines, etc.

1.2.4 RRB Junior Engineer (Electronics)

  • RRB Electronics Engineer is responsible for the safe installation and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Coordination with Engineering and other branches in case of combined works.
  • Submission of proposals for the Revenue and Works Budget, and for periodic reviews.

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1.2.5 RRB Junior Engineer (Mechanical)

  •  The duty of a Mechanical Engineer is to create a system of zero defects and zero deficiencies on rolling stock. (All vehicles which rolls on track namely wagon, carriage, the locomotive is called rolling stock).

2. SSC JE & RRB JE Career Growth

2.1 SSC JE Career Growth

The promotions in the case of SSC JE are as follows:

  • Senior Section Engineer
  • Executive Engineer

2.2 RRB JE Career Growth

2.2.1 RRB JE Electrical Engineer Career Growth and Promotions

The promotions and Growth Chart of Junior Electrical Engineer for all posts are mentioned below.

  •  Section Engineer
  •  Assistant Electrical Engineer(Gaz.)
  •  Divisional Electrical Engineer
  •  Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer

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2.2.2 RRB JE Electronics and Communication Career Growth and Promotions

The promotions and Growth Chart of Junior Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer for all posts are mentioned below.

  •  Section Engineer.
  •  Assistant Signal and Telecommunication Engineer(Gaz.).
  •  Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer.
  •  Senior Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer.

2.2.3 RRB JE Mechanical Engineer Career Growth and Promotions

The Promotion or growth Chart for the Railway Junior Mechanical Engineer is mentioned below.

  • SE Mechanical.
  • Assistant Mechanical Engineer(Gaz.)
  • Divisional Mechanical Engineer
  • Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer.

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2.2.4 RRB JE Civil Engineer Career Growth and Promotions

The career growth and promotion of RRB JE (Works) are mentioned below.

  •  Junior Engineer
  •  Senior Section Engineer
  •  Assistant Divisional Engineer(Gaz.) (AEN)
  •  Divisional Engineer(DEN).
  •  Senior Divisional Engineer (Sr. DEN).

3. Comparison between SSC JE vs RRB JE

Serial Number Comparison Basis SSC JE Exam RRB JE Exam
1. Question Pattern Multiple Choice Questions and Written Test Multiple Choice Questions
2. Exam Nature All-India based exam Region-based exam
3. Pay Scale INR 9,300- 34,800 INR 9,300- 34,800
4. Residential perks Housing benefits No housing benefits
5. Work Nature Office Work Field Work
6. Examination Mode Partially online Online
7. Nature of Questions Candidates’ branch related questions Questions related to Engineering and Aptitude
8. Selection chances 100-200 aspirants out of thousands 100-300 aspirants out of thousands
9. Job Nature Appointments in postal departments, MES ad CPWD Appointments in P-way and bridge, workshop, IT and TRD
10. Travelling Expenses Airfare once a year First class airfare and discounts
11. Growth Prospectus Leaves will be provided for higher studies Growth will be limited

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5. Conclusion

As you can see from the above-mentioned details and the table, the SSC JE position is a white-collar job whereas the RRB JE position is a blue-collar one. Both the exams are tough to crack, which is why your competitive exam preparation has to be excellent.

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