RBI Grade B Phase 2 Preparation – 100 Important MCQs Free Classes

RBI Grade B 2019 Phase 1 Results are to be announced very soon. Phase 1 was conducted on 9th of November 2019 and with just a few days left for the Phase 2 exam (on 1st of December 2019), we hope that your preparations are on point. To help you take the level of your preparations a notch higher, we at Oliveboard are coming up with Free Youtube Sessions covering Top 100 Important MCQs for RBI Grade B Phase 2 Preparation 2019. These Youtube sessions would be entirely free and will cover the most important MCQs from the Economics & Social Issues and Finance & Management. The first class will be taken on the 18th of November.

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Top 100 Important MCQs – Free YouTube Sessions

For RBI Grade B Phase 2 Preparation – Starts 18th Nov 2019

1. Importance of Solving MCQs.

We all know that the papers of ESI & FM in Phase 2 Exam are objective papers. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that one practises a lot of MCQs of both Economics & Social Issues as well as Finance & Management. 

2. What all will be covered through these MCQs?

These 5 Free Youtube Sessions that will cover the most important MCQs of ESI & FM. Each class will include 20 MCQs with detailed discussion on concepts of each question.

3. Where are these Free Sessions available?

You can join the free sessions on Oliveboard’s Official Youtube channel.

4. Who will take these Free RBI Grade B Sessions?

These sessions will be taken by Oliveboard’s Economics & Finance Faculty Abhishek Sir. His expertise in the subjects of Finance and Economics gives him an edge as he has the ability to explain the most complex finance topics in simple language.

5. What is the schedule of Classes?

Here is the complete schedule of Free classes for RBI Grade B Phase 2 Preparation 2019. 

This will be a series of 5 live classes to be conducted as per the following schedule :

Serial no. Date Day
Lecture 1  18-Nov-19 Monday
Lecture 2 20-Nov-19 Wednesday
Lecture 3 25-Nov-19 Monday
Lecture 4 27-Nov-19 Wednesday
Lecture 5 29-Nov-19 Friday


RBI Grade B Phase 2 Preparation – Top 100 Important MCQs Free Sessions

You can the Join Free Classes Here

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RBI Grade B 2019 Phase 2 – Preparation Strategy

The below-given video gives you the complete 20 days strategy as to how to go about the RBI Grade B 2019 Phase 2 preparations. Our expert Faculty has given an exhaustive list of resources and topics that need to be covered in these remaining days. Go through the video, note down the important pointers and prepare accordingly. 

Take a Free Oliveboard RBI Grade B FM Mock Test 2019

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Phase 2

Complete Notes for ESI and F&M

11 Classes for ESI and F&M 8 Practice Sessions (Numericals)
50+ Video Lectures for ESI and F&M Special Classes on Exam Pattern & Strategy
25 full-length Mock Tests 6 special classes for Descriptive English


You can enrol for the course using the link given below.

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This was all from us in this blog of “RBI Grade B Phase 2 Preparation – Free MCQ Sessions. We hope that these classes prove helpful, you are able to cover the syllabus on time and revise as well. Oliveboard as always is there to help you in this endeavour. 

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