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SBI Clerk Study Plan

SBI Clerk Study Plan: The State Bank of India released the SBI Clerk 2023 notification. If you are aiming to crack the exam on the first attempt, it’s time to get yourself prepared for the first phase of the examination, i.e., the prelims phase that is going to take place in January 2024. For your assistance, today we bring to you the 50-Day SBI Clerk Study Plan 2024 for the Prelims Exam. This plan will help you prepare for the exam in a systematic and structured way, ensuring you don’t miss any important topics and score well in the exam. First, let’s glance through the SBI Clerk Mains exam pattern and then proceed with the SBI Clerk Study Plan 2023.

SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern

Before diving into the study plan, let us know more about the SBI Clerk Prelims exam pattern. The structure of the prelims examination (online objective type) would be as follows.:

SBI Clerk Prelims Exam pattern

The exam pattern for SBI Clerk Prelims is as follows-

English Language303020 minutes
Numerical Ability353520 minutes
Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
Total10010060 minutes

*1/4th of the mark assigned for the question will be deducted for each wrong answer

50 Days SBI Clerk Study Plan 2023 – Prelims

You can use this plan to study and revise for the SBI Clerk exam. After each topic, there is a practice test to ensure that one concept is clear before moving to the next. The SBI Clerk Study Plan 2024 is designed in such a way that you can easily cover each topic by allotting a sufficient amount of time every day. Ensure to follow the study plan and prepare the concepts in the first half so that the next half can be spent in rigorous practice.

Day1st slot2nd slot3rd slot
Day 1InequalityNumber seriesNoun pronoun
Day 2Simplification and approximationOrder & RankingAdjective & Adverb
Day 3SyllogismAlphanumeric SeriesTense
Day 4Subject-Verb agreementMock TestInequality
Day 5AverageDirection distanceCoding decoding
Day 6PercentageBlood relationSubject-verb agreement
Day 7Ratio proportionMock TestPara jumble
Day 8Time & workMensurationPermutation & Combination
Day 9Fill In The BlanksError SpottingPara jumble
Day 10PartnershipMock testCloze test
Day 11Time speed distanceTabulationAce Reading Comprehension
Day 12Sequence & SeriesMock TestFill in the blanks
Day 13Seating ArrangementSentence ImprovementAlphabet Test
Day 14squaresMock TestRanking
Day 15ProbabilityAlphanumeric SeriesStatements & Assumptions
Day 16Profit loss & DiscountMock TestAce Reading Comprehension
Day 17Simple interest & Compound InterestOrder & RankingPara jumble
Day 18Mixture & AlligationMock TestFill in the blanks
Day 19Sitting ArrangementMultiple MeaningRevise Ace Reading Comprehension
Day 20Profit loss & DiscountMock TestNoun Pronoun
Day 21AgeSynonyms and AntonymsCloze test
Day 22simple interest & Compound InterestMock TestStatements & Assumptions
Day 23PartnershipInequalityMultiple Meaning
Day 24Profit loss & DiscountMock TestRevise the covered topics
Day 25simple interest & Compound InterestRevise direction sense & blood relationSentence Completion
Day 26Time speed distanceMock TestSentence Improvement
Day 27Permutation & CombinationRankingFill in the blanks
Day 28Time & WorkTabulationRevise Subject-verb agreement
Day 29ProbabilityStatements & AssumptionsAdjective & Adverb
Day 30Mixture & AlligationSitting ArrangementNoun Pronoun
Day 31Permutation & CombinationMock TestAce Reading Comprehension
Day 32Time speed distanceInequalityFill in the blanks
Day 33Sequence & SeriesDirection distanceMultiple Meaning
Day 34Seating ArrangementBlood relationRevise Sentence Completion
Day 35Time & WorkOrder & RankingError Spotting
Day 36PartnershipMock TestRevise Subject-verb agreement
Day 37Mixture & AlligationDirection distanceAdjective & Adverb
Day 38Sequence & SeriesSitting ArrangementAce Reading Comprehension
Day 39Seating ArrangementRankingFill in the blanks
Day 40MensurationInequalityCloze test
Day 41Quadratic EquationMock TestError Spotting
Day 42Number seriesBlood relationAdjective & Adverb
Day 43Tables up to 20 Squares up to 30 Cubes up to 15Sitting ArrangementAce Reading Comprehension
Day 44Square Root Cube RootDirection distanceSynonyms and Antonyms
Day 45MensurationSyllogismTense
Day 46Subject-Verb agreementOrder & RankingRevision
Day 47AverageMock TestFill in the blanks
Day 48PercentageInequalityCloze test
Day 49Ratio proportionBlood relationError Spotting
Day 50Time & workSitting ArrangementAce Reading Comprehension

SBI Clerk Study Plan – Things to Keep in Mind

You are not bound to strictly follow this study plan. We understand that everyone learns and understands at their own pace. You can customize the plan as per your convenience or availability of time (in case you are a working professional), but try to include the topics daily and gradually try to speed up the process.

While taking mocks, it’s advisable to work on your attempt and question selection strategy. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses would be useful in devising these. Taking mocks, in the beginning, would help you gauge the level of your preparation and would help you strategize your further preparation accordingly. As you can notice, the SBI Clerk study plan recommends taking mocks intermittently throughout your preparation and the frequency has increased with time. It is for the following reasons:

  • Taking mocks will also help you assess your speed and accuracy levels and will help you get accustomed to the duration and pattern of the test.
  • As the date of the exam starts approaching, taking more and more Mock Tests will help you take your preparation to the next level and will prepare you to face the exam pressure confidently on the final day!

Analyzing Mocks – How to do it properly


In the study plan, mock tests are recommended almost every day, especially towards the end. Analysing mocks is as important as attempting them. Unless you analyze your performance, your preparation strategy won’t be fruitful. Here’s how to analyze mocks properly.

  • Review the Wrong Questions. Find where your concept or approach went wrong. Click on “Review Wrong” and this takes you through solutions of only the wrong attempts.
  • Attempt the Unattempted ones. You can take an untimed test of only the Unattempted questions in the mock test. Click on Review Un attemptedand this allows you to attempt all the ones left unanswered.
  • Review the Correct Answers. Check if there were better solutions or approaches to the one you adopted.
  • Practice tests from your Weak Areas. Oliveboard’s Adaptive Engine figures the top three areas that you need to work on the most based on your performance data and gives you lessons and tests on those topics. After each mock test, find new lessons + tests on your weak areas by visiting theImprove
  • Analyze Graphs. These are detailed reports on your time spent & accuracy section-wise, along with bench-marking reports on your score and percentile.

Download the SBI Clerk Preparation Plan Free PDF

Candidates can find the SBI Clerk Preparation guide in e-book format below.

SBI Clerk Mock Test 2023

  • 20 SBI Clerk Prelims Mock Tests
  • 30 High-level English, DI and Reasoning Practice Tests
  • 30 SBI Clerk Mains Sectional Tests
  • 45 Speed Improvement Tests
  • 99 Topic Tests for SBI Clerk
  • 10 SBI Clerk Mains Mock Tests
  • 60 SBI Clerk Prelims Sectional Tests

Steps to Properly Attempt SBI Clerk Mock Test:

  • Login to Oliveboard
  • Attempt SBI Clerk Free Mock Test
  • Do Exam Analysis
  • Get Expert Feedback on Weak Areas
  • Compare Topper’s Time
  • Take Revision Test

SBI Clerk Study Plan For Prelims – FAQs

Q1. How can I study for SBI Clerk?

A1. Practice any mock tests as you can for the SBI Clerk prelims exam. Keep a regular check on financial & general awareness.

Q2. What is the exam date for the SBI Clerk prelims exam?

A2. The exam date for the SBI Clerk prelims exam has not been announced yet. Though the possibility of exam being conducted in October-January 2023 is high.

Q3. Can I prepare for SBI PO Prelims in just 50 days?

A3. You can follow the above study plan mentioned in the blog as it covers the complete syllabus for the SBI Clerk Prelims exam.

Q4. Where could I find the proper study plan for SBI Clerk exam 2023?

A4. In this blog, we have provided the proper study plan for SBI Clerk exam 2023.


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