SEBI Grade A Preparation 2020 – Study Plan for Phase 1 [Paper 1 & 2]

Exam aspirants are rejoicing as well as are a bit concerned about the intimation of the SEBI Grade A 2020 exam notification. Rejoicing because it has come as a surprise in 2020 as the aspirants had been waiting for it for a long time. On the other hand, aspirants are a bit stressed as well as SEBI has overhauled the exam pattern. But now there is no need to stress as both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Exams have been postponed and we are left with plenty of time at our disposal to prepare thoroughly.

Well, things can be tackled and we at Oliveboard will help you all smoothly get through this exam as well with ease. Just that you will have to put in extra effort here for SEBI Grade A exam preparation 2020 as there are new subjects introduced for Paper 2 of Phase 1.

But please do not get dejected seeing the new exam pattern and the syllabus. It can prove to be a golden opportunity for you all as with the introduction of the new pattern and syllabus, it would be a level playing field for almost all the aspirants who will be taking the exam this year.

Let us jump on to the most important question faced by us now: How to prepare?

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SEBI Grade A Exam Preparation 2020

We would jump on to the preparation strategy & study plan but before that let us quickly scan through the exam pattern and syllabus here. We would be talking here majorly for the GENERALIST Post (80 vacancies) offered in the exam notification.

1. SEBI Grade A Exam Pattern & Mode of Selection

Mode of selection shall be a three-stage process i.e.

1.1. SEBI 2020 Phase 1 Exam Pattern (Prelims)

(on-line screening examination consisting of two papers of 100 marks each),

Paper 1 – 100 Marks (MCQs on Quants, Reasoning, English & GA with some questions on the financial sector) (Duration – 1 hour)

Paper 2 – 100 Marks (MCQs on Commerce & Accounting, Companies Act, Finance & Management & Economics) (Duration – 40 minutes)


Exclusive Study notes prepared by Experts

  1. Commerce & Accounting (Get Notes Here)
  2. Management (Get Notes Here)
  3. Finance (Get Notes Here)
  4. Costing (Get Notes Here)
  5. Companies Act (Get Notes Here)
  6. Economics (Get Notes Here)

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1.2. SEBI 2020 Phase 2 Exam Pattern (Mains)

(on-line examination consisting of two papers of 100 marks each) and

Paper 1 – 100 Marks (English Descriptive on topics like Precis Writing, Essay Writing, Reading Comprehension) (Duration – 60 Minutes)

Paper 2 – 100 Marks (Multiple-choice questions on subjects Commerce, Accountancy, Management, Finance, Costing, Companies Act and Economics.) (Duration – 40 minutes)

1.3. SEBI 2020 Phase 3 (Interview).

  • Phase 1 is qualifying in nature while the aggregate of marks obtained in Phase 2 and Interview will be considered to come up with the merit list.
  • Weightage of marks obtained in Phase 2 will be 85% while the weightage of marks in the interview shall be 15%.

2. Important points to keep in mind before you start preparing.

i. There is paper wise cut-off. So, concentrate on both the papers (Paper 1 & Paper 2).

ii. At the same time, there is nothing mentioned about the sectional cut-off in both paper 1 & paper 2. Make it work to your advantage as you can score very high in any or all of the sections that you are most comfortable with and thus increase your overall marks.

iii. There will be common preparation for Paper 2 for Phase 1 & Phase 2 as the subjects and syllabus of Paper 2 (Phase 1 and Phase 2) are exactly similar which can again work to your advantage. Prepare well for paper 2 as it would help you increase your overall score.

iv. In Paper 2, there are many subjects (Costing, Commerce & Accounting, Companies Act, Finance & Management & Economics) with a total of 100 marks and the duration is just 40 minutes. So, we could assume that the questions would be of easy to moderate level testing your basic understanding of the subjects and concept clarity.

3. Let us know How to Prepare for SEBI Grade A Officer 2020?

3.1. SEBI Grade A 2020 – Phase 1 – Paper 1 Practice & Preparation

There are four sections:

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Reasoning Ability
  3. English
  4. General Awareness (including some questions related to the financial sector)

Marks distribution among the sections has not been conveyed yet which is expected to be conveyed in the information handout which would be out probably a week before the exam. So, let us make an intelligent guess here and carry on with our preparation for SEBI Grade A Exam 2020.

The four sections of paper 1 (Phase 1) can each carry 25 marks each


  1. GA – 40 Marks
  2. Quants – 20 Marks
  3. Reasoning – 20 Marks
  4. English Language – 20 Marks
3.1.1. Phase 1 – Paper 1 Preparation Strategy

The best way now to prepare for above-mentioned sections would be through the SEBI Grade A Mock Tests.

Most of you, I am sure, might be well aware of the basics of these topics, therefore just jump on to taking the paper 1 mock tests.

Understand and analyse your strengths and weaknesses through these mock tests and work on them. 

If you are not confident about your preparation for Reasoning, Quants, & English, do practice these using our free resources available on Oliveboard’sYouTube Channel.

Paper 1 Mock Test Schedule
Month  No. of Mock Tests to be taken
June 2020 3 Mock Tests 
July 2020 4 Mock Tests
August 2020 3 Mock Tests

Take up a Free SEBI Grade A Phase 1 Mock Test Here General Awareness Coverage

1. Cover the News Related to the Financial Sector for the last 8 months.

2. Other important news for the last 4 months prior to the exam.

3. Start reading the current affairs for the latest month because as per the trend most of the questions would be asked from the month closest to exam month.

4. Read and revise the highlights of the Union Budget & Economic Survey. You could expect 2-6 questions from these.

5. SEBI in news & everything about SEBI.

3.2. SEBI Grade A 2020 – Phase 1 – Paper 2 Practice & Preparation

3.2.1. What are the sections/subjects to be covered?
  1. Commerce & Accounting (Get Notes Here)
  2. Management (Get Notes Here)
  3. Finance (Get Notes Here)
  4. Costing (Get Notes Here)
  5. Companies Act (Get Notes Here)
  6. Economics (Get Notes Here)
3.2.2. Important Points to be kept in mind for Paper 2.

i. Don’t try to master all the sections. Just the basic understanding of topics mentioned in the syllabus would do wonders and help you score well.

ii. As time is limited, going through voluminous books could waste a major portion of your time.

iii. The key to preparing well here is Concept Clarity + Sticking to Basics.

iv. The maximum marks for paper 2 are just 100 and the time duration is 40 minutes. We could make out that there would be very fewer chances of numerical questions being asked here. Even if asked, those would be very basic and doable within seconds.

v. As the subjects in paper 2 are of the likes of Costing, Economics, Commerce & Accounting and Finance & Management, Companies Act etc there are very fewer chances of current affairs being asked in this paper. Although there might be questions on Union Budget & Economic Survey and other important financial news.

SEBI Grade A Exam Preparation Book – Phase I and II 2020

3.2.3. How to prepare Finance for SEBI Grade A 2020?

Preparation for Finance for SEBI Grade A Exam

Finance syllabus for both RBI Grade B and SEBI Grade A is more or less the same.

But let us discuss in detail what all you need topics need to be covered in Finance SEBI Grade A Exam 2020.

Important Chapters to be covered in Finance for SEBI Grade A Exam 2020.
  • Alternate sources of Finance
  • Time Value of Money
  • Bonds
  • Derivatives (Futures, Forwards, Swaps & Options)
  • Primary & Secondary Markets (Equity Markets & Debt Markets)
  • Financial Inclusion using Technology
  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Ratios
  • GST
  • Forex Markets
  • Risk Management
  • Inflation
  • FRBM
  • Finance Commission
  • Union Budget
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Read about RBI & SEBI


3.2.4. Phase 1 – Paper 2 Study Plan

Let us make a properly structured timetable for the subjects/sections of Phase 2 for better strategizing preparation for phase 1 – paper 2.

Month  Subject to be Covered Special Emphasis Subjects
June 2020 Management Portion Pay special emphasis on the chapters of

June 2020 Finance Portion
  • Cover the static & dynamic Finance portion.
  • Pay special emphasis to Financial markets (Primary & Secondary markets),
  • Basics of Derivatives,
  • Inflation,
  • Direct & Indirect Taxes

(Get Notes Here)

June 2020 Commerce & Accountancy
  • Cash Flow & Fund Flow Statement,
  • Financial Statement Analysis & Ratio Analysis,
  • Accounting for share capital transactions including bonus shares, rights shares,
  • Employee stock options & Buyback securities,
  • Accounting as a financial information system,
  • Accounting Standards
  • Preparation of company final accounts

(Get Notes Here)

July 2020 Costing and Lean Systems & Innovation (Get Notes Here)
July 2020 Companies Act (Get Notes Here)
July 2020 Economics
  • Demand & Supply for Money
  • Market Structure
  • IS-LM
  • Inflation & Philips Curve
  • Business Cycle
  • And then other things mentioned in the syllabus

(Get Notes Here)

August 2020 Revision & Take Paper 2 Mock Tests.
August 2020 Revise


Take up a Free SEBI Grade A Phase 1 (Paper 2) Mock Test Here

4. SEBI Grade A 2020 Apply Online – Application Procedure

Use the link given below to Apply Online. You can apply for the SEBI Grade A 2020 Exam till 31st of July 2020.

SEBI Grade A 2020 Apply Online

So, this was all from us in this article of SEBI Grade A Exam Preparation 2020 & Study Plan for Grade A Exam Phase 1 (Paper 1 & Paper 2). We hope that you liked the approach and methodology applied here and be able to benefit from it.

You can also go through the detailed interactive video on SEBI Grade A Exam 2020 covering all the aspects of the aspects here taken by Expert Faculty Riti Mam. She has an experience of 3 years of online teaching and mentoring students for the exams like SEBI Grade A, NABARD Grade A, RBI Grade B and the likes.

Go through the video given below for getting answers to all your queries and doubt clarification.

5. SEBI Grade A 2020 Online Course – FAQs

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SEBI Grade A 2020:

Q.1) What are the offerings of the Video course for SEBI Gr A 2020?

Phase 1:


Phase 2:

Video Lessons + Notes for all the sections of Paper 2 (Commerce & Accountancy, Management, Finance, Costing, Companies Act, Economics)

Note: The syllabus of Paper 2 is the same for Phase 1 and Phase 2

  • Live Classes for Revision of the chapters and Guidance
  • Live Practice Sessions for all the components
  • Live Classes for the Descriptive English (Paper 1)
  • 5 Full-Length Mock Tests for Paper 2

Q.2) When will the Course start?

The start date of the course is 10th April 2020.

Q.3) Are all the components going to be covered simultaneously?

  • The course would be covered as per a schedule given for the course
  • We would be starting with the Commerce and Accountancy Section
  • The schedule for April 2020 would be provided initially
  • The schedule for the remaining months would be up soon.

Q.4) Do we have notes along with the videos?

Yes, there would be notes for each chapter along with the videos. But these PDFs would not be downloadable.

Q.5) Can we join the batch after the start date?

Yes, the Live Sessions already conducted would be available in the form of Recordings. So, you can watch it as and when you enrol in the course.

Q.6) Will other batches be coming up?

As this is an online course, you can join in anytime after the start date. The previously conducted classes would also be available on the dashboard. This is the only batch available for the course.

Q.7) Do I need to refer any other sources apart from the Oliveboard material?

No. We have covered the syllabus keeping in mind the requirements of the examination. So, kindly follow the schedule and keep revising the content.

Q.8) Will there be mock tests for Phase 1 and Phase 2?


Q.9) Will there be classes for Descriptive English?

Yes. We will conduct special sessions to cover this paper. 

Q.10) Will Economic Survey, Union Budget etc be covered?

Yes. As part of the Current Affairs Coverage, we would be focusing on the following:

  • Economic Survey
  • Union Budget
  • Important news articles mapped with the topics under the syllabus
  • Important RBI Notifications/Circulars (For Finance Part)
  • Important SEBI Notifications/Circulars (If required for the exam)

Q.11) Can we cover the syllabus well before the examination?

Yes. The Video Lessons and notes have been designed in such a way that they can be covered well before the examination (By the 1st week of June 2020).


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