How To Fill Bank Preference In IBPS PO Application Form? Know Here

We have been getting a lot of queries regarding how to fill the bank preference for the IBPS PO 2020 examination. In the following article, we will brief you on the parameters you can consider before preparing your final IBPS PO Bank Preference List.

The preference list is to be chosen in decreasing order of priority. The banks you mention at top of the list are considered as the top priority and the banks at the bottom are the least priority. It is also necessary to fill the Bank preference in a better sequence the reason is, there can be a question in the interview, Why This Bank (the bank you filled) Is Your First Preference? So, it is necessary to fill the preference form keeping all the suitable factors in mind and it should not be difficult for you to justify the above question asked.

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1. IBPS PO Bank Preference 2020 | List of Participating Banks

  1. Bank of Baroda
  2. Canara Bank
  3. Indian Overseas Bank
  4. UCO Bank
  5. Bank of India
  6. Central Bank of India
  7. Punjab National Bank
  8. Union Bank of India
  9. Bank of Maharashtra
  10. Indian Bank
  11. Punjab & Sind Bank

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2. How To Fill Bank Preference List For IBPS PO 2020?

To start with, first, make a list of what you want from the bank you want to work in. For instance, you might want to get posted in your home town, or somewhere nearby and work in a bank that offers good work-life balance, etc. After that, check which bank matches your needs or at least comes close to your needs, before making your decision.

Let’s start with what all banks should be last in the IBPS PO Bank Preference List 2020.

  1. Bank of Baroda
  2. Central Bank of India
  3. Indian Overseas Bank

As zero vacancies are reported for the above banks so keep them at the bottom of your reference list.

Now let’s have a look at the updated vacancy list and will have the preference list accordingly

IBPS PO Bank Preference

Below is the list of banks region-wise to filled as the preference for IBPS PO 2020. This is just according to our assumption and is just a basic list you can create your own list according to your preferences.

North & North East South
Bank of India – 734 Bank of India – 734
Bank of Maharashtra – 250 Bank of Maharashtra – 250
Punjab & Sindh Bank – 83 Union Bank of India (Andhra + Corporation) – NR
Punjab National Bank (OBC + United Bank) Canara Bank (SYN) – NR
Union Bank of India (Andhra + Corporation) – NR Punjab & Sindh Bank – 83
Canara Bank (SYN) – NR Indian Bank
Indian Bank Punjab National Bank (OBC + United Bank)

 Note: BOB, Central Bank of India, IOB should be last in the list.

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3. Parameters to consider to before choosing your preference for IBPS PO 2020

3.1 Bank location

The first and foremost thing you should consider is the bank’s location. If you want to work in a particular region, check out the banks that have headquarters in that region and place them higher up in your preference list.

Banks having headquarters in a state/city tend to have more branches in that state/city and have a maximum presence in that state/city.

For example, Canara bank has its headquarters in Bangalore. So, choosing the Canara bank automatically increases your chances of getting posted in Bangalore or Karnataka or somewhere in Southern India.

Following is a list of regions, and banks that are most likely to post candidates in that region:

North India: Delhi, Punjab, UP, Uttarakhand, J & K, HP, Haryana, Rajasthan

BOB, PNB, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Allahabad Bank, Punjab & Sindh Bank, Canara bank

East & North-East India: Odisha, WB, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sikkim

Allahabad Bank, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, UCO Bank, United Bank of India, Canara Bank.

West and Central India: Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh, Goa

Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Central Bank of India.

South India: Andhra, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala

Canara Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Andhra Bank, Corporation Bank, Syndicate Bank.

3.2 Transfers

Usually, if a bank has more branches, the frequency of the candidates getting transferred is more. Therefore, if you aren’t looking for frequent transfers, choose accordingly. For those of you who are fine with frequent transfers, some banks allow you to choose the place of posting, however, some don’t; some banks post you in rural as well as urban areas, and some post you only in urban areas. Therefore, we suggest you go through the transfer policies of banks before choosing your preference.

For those of you who don’t want to get transferred to a foreign country during your tenure, you wouldn’t want to give preference to banks that have branches overseas.

3.3 Salary structure, promotion policies, and work culture

Most banks follow similar salary structure, and promotion policies and have similar responsibilities for probationary officers. However, there are slight variations in them. For instance, getting posted in rural areas could mean lesser HRA than those posted in urban areas or metros. This could impact your gross salary.

We suggest you talk to employees working in these banks and get honest feedback before deciding your preference list. Ask them about the work culture, promotion policies, and career growth.

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4. IBPS PO Bank Preference | Banks Work Culture & Basic Information

Name of Bank Work Culture Basic Information
Bank of India Healthy Work Environment & Good Growth Opportunity.
  • Another Major Bank of the country, BOI has a network of 5000+ branches & 55 zonal offices
UCO Bank Healthy Work Environment
Challenging Work
  • With a network of 3000+ branches in India UCO Bank has overseas branches located in Hong-Kong and Singapore.
Bank of Maharashtra Helpful Management
Good Growth Opportunities
  • Bank of Maharashtra has around 1900 branches all over India.
  • Does not have foreign branches.
Punjab & Sindh Bank Supportive Work Environment
Limited opportunities to learn & grow.
  • Have 1518+ branches spread across the country?
  • Majorly operated in North India.
Punjab National Bank Professional & helpful work environment.
Frequent training of employees
  • One of the largest public sector bank of India.
  • PNB has a network of 11,000 branches across India.
  • Has International Presence with several foreign branches & representative offices.
Canara Bank Progressive Work Environment.
Substantial opportunities for professional as well as personal growth.
  • Canara Bank is one of the oldest public sector banks in India.
  • Has a network of 6639+ branches across India.
  • Has International presence with offices in Hong Kong, London, New York, South Africa, Dubai, Shanghai, Moscow, Doha, Bahrain & Tanzania.
Union Bank of India Supportive & Innovative Work Environment.
  • UBI has n network of approximately 4200+ branches across India.
  • Has 8 foreign offices in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Sydney.
  • A large no. of branches are in Maharashtra & Uttar Pradesh.
Indian Bank Friendly Work Environment and organized way of working.
  • Has a total of 6062 branches across India.
  • Has International presence with branches in Colombo, Jaffna (Sri Lanka) & Singapore.
Central Bank of India Good growth opportunities.
  • It is one of the major PSB in India.
  • The CBI has 4659 branches & 10 zonal offices.
  • Max.branches are located in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh.
  • Has overseas offices in places like Hong Kong & Nairobi.
Bank of Baroda Organized Workplace.
Professional+Friendly work environment.
  • The 2nd largest Bank in India after SBI.
  • BOB has a network of 9798 branches across India & 101 foreign branches.
Indian Overseas Bank Good Learning opportunities.
Helpful & Innovative work environment.
  • Has 3259 pan India branches & 7 zonal offices.
  • Approximately 100+ branches are located in Tamil Nadu.
  • Has overseas offices in 5 countries. They are Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka & South Korea.

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5. IBPS PO 2020 Complete Preparation

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This is all from us in this blog, IBPS PO Bank Preference 2020. In the end, the allotment will be based on your preference, overall marks in mains, and interview. However, the preference list plays a major role in your allotment too. Therefore, decide your preference order after careful consideration of the above parameters.

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