Free RBI Grade B Study Material 2021 – Download PDF eBooks Here.

The RBI is one of the most respected organizations in the nation and therefore becoming an RBI Grade B Officer is truly a matter of immense pride as it is one of the most respectable jobs in the nation. Therefore, it is no surprise that every year lakhs of applicants compete fiercely to join the Reserve Bank of India as Grade B Officers. The benefits offered by RBI are second to none in the banking sector; therefore, if you too are preparing for the RBI Grade B 2021 examination, you can refer to our Free RBI Grade B Study Material 2021 here that would help you in your preparation for Phase 2 papers of Economics & Social Issues (ESI) and Finance & Management (FM). 

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Download PDF eBooks Here

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  1. RBI Grade B 2021 Phase-II Memory Based Questions PDF
  2. RBI Gr. B 2021 – Phase-2 Information Handout Solved Paper PDF
  3. Tools of Credit Control by RBI: Quantitative & Qualitative
  4. RBI Grade B Sample Descriptive Questions for ESI & FM
  5. GDP Forecasts for India & the World PDF
  6. RBI Grade B 2021 GA Marathon MCQs PDF
  7. Sustainable Development & Environmental Issues MCQs
  8. Poverty Alleviation MCQs
  9. Summary of Union Budget 2021-22 PDF
  10. Balance of Payments (BoP) MCQs
  11. Measurement of National Income – MCQs
  12. FRBM Act – Notes & PDF for RBI Grade B Exam
  13. Human Development – ESI Notes PDF for RBI Grade B Exam
  14. 100 Most Important MCQs for Union Budget 2020-21
  15. 50 Management Revision MCQs for RBI & SEBI
  16. 100 Finance MCQs for RBI Grade B & SEBI Grade A 
  17. RBI Grade B 2020 Topic Test on Government Schemes and Reports-Indices
  18. Finance Current Affairs One Liners – September – November 2020
  19. Management MCQs – RBI Grade B & SEBI Grade A
  20. RBI Grade B 2020 Model Test Paper 
  21. Finance Current Affairs One Liners – January-August 2020
  22. Free PDF: Union Budget: Terms & Definitions
  23. Free RBI Grade B ESI Model Test Paper
  24. Free RBI Grade B FM Model Test Paper
  25. Introduction to Corporate Governance
  26. Financial Inclusion
  27. RBI Grade B Phase 2 (ESI & FM) Model Test Paper 
  28. Communication: Process, Types & Models
  29. Inflation: Causes & Types
  30. RBI Grade B January 2020 GA
  31. Leadership Theories
  32. National Income Accounting
  33. Basics of Finance
  34. Basics of Economics
  35. Basics of Bonds
  36. Time Value of Money (TVM)
  37. Balance of Payments (BoP)
  38. Financial/Accounting Ratios
  39. Basics of Derivatives
  40. Introduction to Financial/Securities Markets
  41. Prompt Corrective Action Framework (PCA)
  42. Alternate Sources of Finance 
  43. Banking Regulations & Basel Accords
  44. Credit Rating Agencies in India 

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RBI Grade B Online Course 2021-22 by Oliveboard

If you are someone who is aiming for the RBI Grade B Exam and are confused about how to start or go about the preparation, Oliveboard has come up with RBI Grade B Online Cracker Course to help you ace the RBI Grade B exam for serious aspirants. Read below what is included in the Course.

Oliveboard offers the best RBI Grade B Online Coaching for you all which will help you crack the exam with ease in your first attempt.

Do join for your RBI Grade B 2021-22 exhaustive preparation.

Go through free RBI Grade B study materials PDFs and take up RBI Grade B Free mock tests online.

Oliveboard’s RBI Grade B Online Course 2021-22 will be your one-stop destination for all your preparation needs

1. Course Details

RBI Grade B Cracker is designed to cover the complete syllabus for the 3 most important subjects: GA for Phase 1 and Objective + Descriptive portions of ESI + F&M for Phase 2 exam. 

Not just that, it also includes Mock Tests & Live Strategy Sessions for English, Quant & Reasoning for Phase 1. The course aims to complete your preparation in time for the release of the official notification.

1.1. Features:

RBI Grade B 2021-22

Crash Course Offerings

Video Lessons & Study Notes

Mock Tests

  • 90+ Video Classes for ESI & FM
  • LIVE + Revision Sessions for ESI & FM
  • 10+ Descriptive English Classes
  • Detailed Study Notes ESI & FMCurrent Affairs Capsules & Past Year Papers
  • 6 Descriptive Mock Tests (ESI & FM)
  • 30 Objective Mock Tests (15 – ESI & 15 – FM)
  • 10 Full-Length Mock Tests for Phase 1
  • Topic Tests for each chapter of ESI & FM (1 Markers & 2 Markers)

 *We will get your ESI & FM descriptive answers evaluated!

RBI Grade B Online Course

1.2. How to enroll for the RBI Grade B Online Course 2021-22?

Sign up or log in using the link given below. You will be redirected to the payments page. Read the course offerings and subscribe to RBI Grade B 2021-22 Cracker Course

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Get Started with RBI Grade B 2021-22 Online Course comprising Video Lessons, Detailed Study Notes & All-India Mock Tests for Phase-1 & Phase-2.

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